Our EFR devices fall within the provisions of the new Transition 4.0 (Law 232 of 11 December 2016, as amended), allowing you to obtain a tax credit equal to 20% in 2023, as “Goods functional to the technological and digital transformation of companies according to the Industry 4.0 model”.

Capital goods that generate tax credits

EFR devices fall under the category of “repackaging machine tools to recover materials and functions from industrial waste and end-of-life products” and have all the characteristics required by the Transition 4.0 principles, including:

CNC and/or PLC control system

Interconnection to factory IT systems

Integration with factory logistic systems and/or with other devices

Simple and intuitive interface

Compliance with the latest safety standards

The tax credit applies to goods (also purchased under leasing) with the following characteristics, present in EFR devices:

The device can be classified as a “simple” device, for which one-way communication is admissible

Thanks to the external software, it is possible to automatically collect data on logistics (production and collection planning, maintenance management) and also send them via e-mail

The devices can be equipped with “remotely controlled” commands (such as the possibility of activating several commands, such as START, MIXER RUN, START HEATER, etc. from a web browser on a local network), via an installed webserver.

Our devices are able to track the number of cycles performed, send an e-mail with the kg of dry residue produced, and acquire data on operations/use/diagnostics.

An example of a device with such characteristics is active and certified as part of the Transition 4.0 model at a company located in Veneto, Italy, a national leader in the field of collective catering.

Some examples of remote monitoring and management

The EFR device is equipped with dedicated electronics for remote start-up and management and data acquisition on operation/use/diagnostics in accordance with the Transition 4.0 (Industry 4.0) model and offers the tax breaks provided for by the law.


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Our devices rely on advanced technology that allows to sustainably process any organic waste on site, reducing its weight and volume by 90%. Turn your organic waste into a useful resource!

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