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A cosmopolitan and elegant structure, located on the lakefront of the beautiful Swiss city of Lugano. A hotel suspended between the past and the future, without forgetting its great hospitality tradition but with a contemporary and avant-garde vision.
The hotel’s gastronomic restaurant, inaugurated in 2018, is a small haute cuisine gem that has won the hearts of the most prestigious international guides, obtaining a Michelin star.

The kitchen uses selected high-quality ingredients, paying particular attention to locally grown vegetables, handpicked in the hilly gardens owned by the hotel itself.

All food waste produced is collected daily in small bins and progressively loaded into the EFR100 RS machine, equipped with a grinder device for large bones such as ham hocks, ribs and T-bone steaks, ossobuco, etc.

The structure manages an average of 150-180 breakfasts and meals with an average daily waste of just under 100Kg, sometimes higher on the weekend, requiring the use of the machine for two daily cycles.

  • Type of organic waste: significant amount of orange/lemon peels from breakfast and fish/shellfish/meat waste from meals
  • Average daily quantity of organic waste produced: 90-130 Kg


  • Eliminating unpleasant odors from the waste collection and storage area (the use of a refrigerated cell had been evaluated and rejected due to lack of space)
  • Improving the sanitary conditions of the cleaning and waste storage areas
  • Reducing the personnel employed to frequently wash and sanitize the bins dedicated to the collection of organic waste
  • Reducing the presence of insects and wild animals (mice, cats, and birds) that nest near the organic waste containers
  • Reducing costs by cutting down on the number of bags used to collect wet waste. In the reference geography, waste disposal costs around 3 euros for a 110-litre bag.
  • Implementing a sustainable solution, in line with the policy of the hotel, which presents itself as a sustainable structure capable of reducing the impact of the CO2 it produces.

Adopted solution

Installation of an EFR100 RS EcoSwiss device to manage all the wet organic waste produced daily by the structure, positioned in the cleaning area, adjacent to the preparation area, represented by the main kitchen of the hotel.
The small amount of condensation water produced is evacuated into the nearby drain of the professional dishwasher.
Average daily amount of resulting reusable product: 10-15 Kg

Discover the benefits and savings

Loading of the organic residue in the compartment (loading view, cycle view, end-of-cycle view)

Loading the bone grinder module (loading view, cycle view, end-of-cycle view)

Quantifiable benefits and economic savings

  • Total elimination of noxious odors around the whole structure, with great impact on its image and prestige
  • Improvement of decorum and general cleanliness of the external and internal areas, of unquantifiable value but of great impact/image
  • Total elimination of the need to install a refrigerated cell for organic waste storage. Value: approximately €10,000
  • Total elimination of maintenance and repair costs for the refrigerated cell. Value: €1,200/year
  • Reduction of personnel costs to clean, recondition and sanitize the refrigerated area (about 80%). Value: €1,200/year
  • Elimination of the need to purchase and use municipal waste collection bags. Value: €4,100/year

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