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The “SONNE” is one of the most modern and best equipped research vessels in the world, it can accommodate 40 scientists, a crew of 32 people and 17 laboratories on 600 m2.

It is incredibly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly – she has even been awarded the German “Blue Angel” eco-label.
This ship, a floating ecological miracle, could not be missing an EFR100 machine that Ecoswiss installed when the ship was docked in San Diego, waiting to set sail, in 2022.

The installed device is equipped with a special anchoring system to avoid any movement and allow the weighing cells to control the weight of the waste introduced even when the sea is stormy.
All EFR machines dedicated to boating, designed for any type of ship and platform, have this type of anchoring which makes the installation stable and safe.
The Marpol law, which regulates the discharge of organic waste into the sea, provides that in certain areas and at pre-established distances depending on the marine area, organic waste can be discharged into the sea after shredding the same which must be reduced into particles of a maximum size equal to 25mm.

The EFR technology makes it possible to obtain a product with considerably smaller measurements than those established and also allows a reduction in the weight of the organic waste up to 90% of the initial weight.
The discharge into the sea therefore has modest volumes, with an already dried material avoiding the putrescence and decomposition of any type of waste which in any case requires months to reach total decomposition.

Quantifiable benefits and economic savings

  • Reduction of up to 98% of the CO2 impact for each kg of organic material treated compared to traditional waste management
  • Obtaining a dry, sterilized and stable residue over time
  • Reduction of costs of adaptation to HACCP protocols
  • Drastic reduction in the use of biodegradable-compostable bags and sacks
  • Reduction of personnel costs involved in waste handling
  • Reduction of spaces dedicated to storage (e.g. refrigerated areas) and related maintenance costs
  • Reduction of cleaning and sanitizing costs of containers, storage and collection areas
  • Total elimination of pathogens, bacteria and leachates
  • Elimination of annoying odors
  • Improvement of the hygienic conditions for workers and for those in charge of the storage and collection service
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