EcoSwiss for the Maldivian Parliament in Malé (Maldives)

Typical government structure with both administrative and representative services.
About 80 staff work at the facility, as well as about 90 members of Parliament who meet for sessions.
Foreign delegations are hosted almost daily, managing an average of 80-120 breakfasts and meals.

  • Type of organic waste: pasta, rice, bread, vegetables, fruit and fish.
    Preparation activity: about 240 meals/day
  • Average daily quantity of organic waste produced: 70-80 Kg


  • Eliminating noxious odors from the waste collection and storage area, also caused by the strong heat in the area, in order to preserve the government's image.
  • Improving the sanitary conditions of the waste storage area
  • Reducing the use of personnel assigned to washing, conditioning, and sanitizing the bins intended for the collection of wet waste
  • Reducing the presence of insects, mice, and other animals that nest near organic waste containers
  • Reducing the weekly cost of disposing of waste by transporting it through the capital and onward to incinerator islands
  • Finding a sustainable solution in line with the political objectives of the Maldivian government, aimed at ecological sustainability to protect the atolls and the coral reef

Adopted solution

Purchase and implementation of an EcoSwiss machine to manage all the wet organic waste produced daily by the canteen of the government building.

Installation of the machinery in the area dedicated to catering services, adjacent to the preparation area. The small amount of condensation water produced is disposed of in the nearby drain.

Average daily quantity of resulting product, reusable locally as soil conditioner for plants and flowers: 10 -15 Kg per machine.

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Quantifiable benefits and economic savings

  • Total elimination of noxious odors near the whole area. Unquantifiable value with fundamental impact/image and positive example for the government and its prestige on the national and international level; a key factor in the choice of purchasing the devices
  • Total elimination of the need to use a refrigerated cell for the storage of organic waste (100%). Value: approximately €10,000
  • Total elimination of maintenance and repair costs for the refrigerated cell. Value: €1,200/year
  • Reduction of personnel costs to clean, recondition and sanitize the refrigerated area (about 80%). Value: €1,200/year
  • Improvement of decorum and general cleanliness of the external and internal area of the structure. Unquantifiable value with great and fundamental impact/image
  • Total elimination of costs and management for the disposal of organic waste thanks to the elimination of the need to store and transport them by sea
  • One-off savings: €10,000 (elimination of refrigerated area)


  • Average annual savings: around €4,000


  • Use of the resulting dry solid residue as a mixed soil conditioner for vegetable gardens, plants and flowers grown locally, in the same area as the structure


  • Eco-sustainable solution aimed at pursuing a reduction in CO2 emissions

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